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Inbox can be used for both Live Chat Support and also filters out chat marketing campaigns. Inbox enables you to reduce your customer handling time by automating your responses and FAQs.

The challenge

Inbox on scale

I AM POP had a clear goal; which was to create a new inbox for all conversations. To make this possible, there was a need for a good looking and user-friendly Inbox design.


Get started

This was my third sprint at I AM POP. Below is a list I created which displays the process of developing the application to make it clear how the application was designed.

  • UX Research
  • UI
  • UI Mobile
  • Interactions

WORKED together with:

Luc van Loon - Lead designer at I AM POP



I AM POP is an all-in-one conversational marketing platform for commerce, services, and brands. The application provides products as well as the opportunity to further your business and increase your company sales. It creates chat flows for messages where you and your company can automate a vast amount of sales. When people have a conversation through the automatic ‘bot’ on Facebook, all the data is automatically saved so it can be looked upon at a later date. This application can reveal the possibilities and opportunities your company can take to further your business.


Inboxes and competitors

I spent a lot of time researching I AM POP’s competitors, as well as studying other generic inbox applications. I did this to create a showcase of evidence I found which would support a new and unique inbox, which appeared different from the pre-existing inbox applications. Below, you can view the showcase of the research I completed.


Excisting components

Before getting hired by I AM POP, Luc van Loon had already developed the design system for 99%. Luc is the lead product designer of I AM POP and because of that design system. We decided to pass the wireframe process for time efficiency.

Inbox Messenger components

All the conversations flow through Messenger. This also means that all the Messenger components must be displayed as the most recent Messenger components and what fits with I AM POP. I have included a showcase of the several Messenger components.


2M Funding

In a recent development, I AM POP has raised €2 million funding to fuel its expansion. The investment will be used to integrate I AM POP’s chat editor into other messaging apps, alongside increasing the company’s workforce. Further, the startup plans to expand its operations in London and Amsterdam and develop new products for 2019 to further develop messaging capabilities.

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User Interface

Desktop version

With all the information and research I had collected and received - I began designing the desktop-friendly version of the I AM POP Inbox. After designing multiple versions, the design below was the particular one we ended up with. This specific design coordinates with the pre-existing system with a lot of new design components that give a clear overview of doing your customer support or running campaigns.

Work together

Within the Inbox, there are multiple features. This includes assigning each conversation to different colleagues to provide the best support to customers and clientele.

Filter conversations

I AM POP’s Inbox is the broadest Inbox as in the variety in conversations. You can create segments, channels, a ton of campaigns, doing your customer support, and so on. Every conversation will be shown in the inbox. So it is really important that you find the right conversion that you are looking for. With this filter can you filter on everything you want.


Mobile version

Mobile devices are widely used. I recognized that other customer support apps struggled with making their applications mobile-user friendly. We recognized this fault in other applications and continued to design this Inbox to be mobile-user friendly. It is one of the first customer service inboxes which supports mobile use.


Make it feel good

To complete the Inbox experience, we developed user interactions. Not only does this continue to make the application user friendly, but it also makes it visually appealing.

Audio player

Message status

Loading chat history

New message in chat

Back to bottom in chat


Experience it Live

Do you want to test the Inbox? I AM POP Inbox is available for you to use. All it takes is for you to connect your Facebook page to I AM POP Inbox, and you are ready to go.

“Robert helped at I AM POP a ton with hands- on help designing an Inbox for Messenger, and later figuring out big product questions and our website. 💪"

Luc van Loon - Lead product designer at I AM POP

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